San Juan Islands

Tandem Rally 2017

San Juan Islands Itinerary

June 26-30, 2017

Before the 2017 Northwest Tandem Rally (July 1-4, 2017)

Santana’s 5-day (Monday-Friday) Tandem Rally on the San Juan Islands precedes the Northwest Tandem Rally in nearby Seattle. Planned in cooperation with NWTR’s Directors, our tandem rallies in tandem were designed for couples who wish to attend both. Santana’s rally ends a few miles and hours before the evening kickoff of NWTR. To make attending both supremely easy, Santana’s plan includes optional shuttles and laundry service. If you’ll fly to Seattle we also offer discounted FedEx bike shipment. Additionally our chartered coach shuttles linking Seattle’s airport with one or both rallies is hundreds less than the cost of renting a minivan. Families? Santana’s family-friendly child’s rate is a loss-leader. Pricing starts at the exact same rates as two years ago, when Santana’s San Juan Islands Tandem Rally preceded NWTR in Bellingham. On that earlier occasion Santana’s rally sold out in two days.

Location: Santana has again booked-out the Suites at Friday Harbor. The adjacent location at the archipelago’s ferry hub allow entire days on multiple islands without repacking. Free parking for any sized vehicle is available at the suites or mainland ferry terminal.

Monday, June 26—Rally Opening

Early: Our optional shuttle (using a chartered coach and luggage truck) leaves from a hotel adjacent to SEA airport.

From Noon:  If you arrive at Friday Harbor Suites on your own, expert mechanical help for this event is provided by Dan Christopherson—a WA bike shop owner and European Tour Mechanic.

From 1:30      If your Friday Harbor Suite isn’t ready earlier (normal check-in time is 4) ask at the front desk for the location of a changing room.

2:15                 Bill McCready’s rally welcome & route talk.

2:30                21-mile intro route is easy. If you have problems or get a late start, you’re never more than 8 miles from our hotel. The important thing is to make sure your bike is prepared for the following days’ rides.

5:00                Return to the hotel. Clean up but don’t overdress. Our entire 5-day rally is informal.

6:00                From the hotel it’s a pleasant 15-minute stroll to Friday Harbor Yacht Club.

6:15                 Hosted tasting of WA state wines & beers at the Yacht Club’s lounge.

6:30                Tonight’s Welcoming Banquet is in the club’s harbor view dining room.

Tuesday, June 27—Orcas Island

All rested up? Great, Orcas Island has the toughest terrain in the San Juans.

7:00-8:15a      Pre-ferry hot breakfast buffet at the hotel

8:20                 Your downhill ride to the ferry takes five minutes

8:25 AM         At the landing line up for the ferry

8:30 AM         Depart Friday Harbor on the morning ferry to Orcas Island

9:15 AM         Arrival at Orcas Island with it’s challenging terrain. Turn RIGHT after disembark to attend our route talk that explains today’s various options.

Basic 19-mile route to lunch includes Eastsound village, some short yet challenging hills, and a pair of artist studios.

Longer options include an alpine lake, waterfall hike, blackberry pie or views from the 2,407’ summit Mt Constitution (three steep miles: disc or drum brake recommended). The tallest peak on the San Juans offers 360° views across 350 islands, and as far away as Victoria and Vancouver.

1:30-3:00p    All routes converge at the beautiful and historic Rosario Resort; where our gourmet spread is in the Orcas Room overlooking the scenic Fjord.

2:15p              Slower riders who want to catch the earlier ferry will need to start on their 15 mile return (that’s right, the shortest no-SAG option of our week’s toughest day is measly 34 miles).

Because it’s an open evening, instead of rushing back to Friday Harbor, why not consider lingering three extra hours to explore Orcas? Great cycling and lots of interesting diversions. If you’re ready to try a new position with your tandem partner, Bill recommends a biplane ride, where on wide front seat the two of you will ride side-by-side. When you finally arrive back at the ferry landing you can enjoy a casual beer and burger at a waterfront café or an early gourmet dinner at historic Orcas Hotel.

4:25 PM          The early ferry returns you to Friday Harbor by 5:05.

7:40 PM         The later ferry returns you to Friday Harbor by 8:20—well before sunset!

Wednesday, June 28—San Juan Island

At the center of our 5-day schedule is the one day you won’t use a ferry. A leisurely breakfast precedes a circuit of the largest of the 400-plus San Juan Islands.

7:30-9             Breakfast at our Hotel.

9:15 AM         Ride Talk in the parking lot

9:30 AM         From Friday Harbor we’ll ride northwest to the historic port of Roche Harbor—a still-lively fishing port that surrounds the 1886 Hotel de Haro. Lots of shops on the pier, which is a great place for a mid-morning snack.

Later   Don’t miss the turn-off to Lime Kiln State Park, where you can watch for whales while looking across the Haro Channel at Victoria’s skyline. From here you can also take a short hike along the rugged coast to reach an impressive lighthouse.

12:30 & 1:15  Before lunch (!!), don’t miss the 45-minute distillery tour.

After your tour (!!), catered lunch will be continue through 2:30

After tour and lunch, the basic route zips straight back to Friday Harbor.

3:30-6:30 PM           Tonight only—A special attraction is open just for our group

San Juan Island Historical Site & Museum is 100 yards from our group hotel’s lobby

Show your name badge for FREE after-hours admission and guided visit

Thursday, June 29—Lopez Island

A cyclist once remarked that the 29-mile ride around Lopez Island was their idea of heaven. Of the islands we ride, Lopez has the fewest climbs, friendliest drivers and freshest ice cream.

7-8:15AM       Pre-ferry hot breakfast buffet our Hotel.

8:30                The ferry leaves Friday Harbor.

9:50                 Arrive Lopez Island, where you’ll have six hours. Plenty of time to check out Islandale (the island’s general store), comb Agate Beach for polished rocks, and linger in Lopez Village. Those who do the long ride can easily justify two scoops of Lopez Island ice cream.

From 1:00      Reach delightful Lopez Village. Our lunch is being served at the Bay Café located at 9 Old Post Road. Which happens to be next door to the fragrant Heavenly Fudge Factory; where they offer a wide choice of hand-scooped flavors from the legendary Lopez Island Creamery.

By 3:00          From Lopez Village it’s less than five miles to the landing.

3:45                 Will the ferry to Friday Harbor leave on time? If yes, you’ll arrive FH by 5:05

From 5:30      If you’re flying home for holiday weekend (instead of remaining in WA for the Northwest Tandem Rally), Dan will be on hand to help you repack your tandem.

Friday, June 30—Farewell Day

Today’s pre brunch options: sleep in or early kayaking.  

The best time for optional kayaking is the post-dawn calm when the water is smooth and wildlife is busy foraging for food.

Are you moving on to the Northwest Tandem Rally this afternoon? This is a great day

to take it easy and/or catch up on laundry. If you’ve driven to Friday Harbor the

recommended ferry to Anacortes leaves FH at 1:50. You’ll be in Seattle by 6.

Why not leave FH earlier? Today’s farewell brunch starts at 11:00, the same as the departure time of the earlier ferry.

Arriving at NWTR before 6 won’t be nearly as satisfying as attending our farewell brunch

10-10:15         Truck loading. If you’re on a Santana shuttle, you’ll board in Anacortes, where our chartered coach will meet the ferry that departs Friday Harbor at 1:50.

Everything you don’t want to schlepp on and off the ferry to Anacortes needs to be loaded onto our truck, which departs FH on the 11:00 ferry. When you reach the mainland on the following ferry, the truck and coach will be parked next to each other at the Anacortes terminal.

10:20              Truck leaves Suites at Friday Harbor to check-in for its 11am ferry

10:30              Walk from Suites at Friday Harbor to reach our 11:00 brunch

10:45-Noon   Our catered FAREWELL BRUNCH is downtown.

After Brunch Show your namebadge for FREE entry into the Whale Museum. An hour’s worth of education and entertainment is a short walk from the ferry terminal (you can put your car in the ferry line first).

11:30              Latest hotel checkout

What will you do until the departure of the 1:50 Ferry?

• Whale Museum. See above for details on FREE admission.

• Swimming? You can use your hotel pool after check-out.

• Mid-day Kayaking? They’ll pick you up downtown or at your hotel.

• Scenic seaplane ride? Call Kenmore Air!

• Have you written and mailed your postcards?

• Have you strolled the Marina and picked out your next yacht?

• Got souvenirs?

1:50                 Washington State Ferry departs for the mainland. This ferry unloads at Anacortes at 3:20. From there the driving time to NWTR is two hours. If you continue to SEA airport you’ll be able to catch a flight departing as early as 8:30PM. The coach’s third stop is our event’s airport hotel, where you’ll arrive by 7PM.

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