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Dubrovnik to Venice Cycling Cruise

Photo Itinerary

All dates are in October 2017. Why October? Most tourists have departed and the roads are uncrowded. When we premiered this event in October 2014 our participants experienced perfect cycling weather and less than two hours of scattered rain. In 2014 we chartered the ship in both directions. For 2017 the ship owner could only provide half as many days. As a result, we’ll only have room for half as many cyclists. The great news is that the strong dollar actually allows this cruise to be less expensive than three years earlier. If fuel prices stay low your airfare will also be lower. What happens when supply and prices are both reduced? We’ll find out.

October 13 – If your schedule doesn’t allow you to arrive in Dubrovnik before the 13th (which would be a shame), today’s included shuttle leaves DBV-airport at 2:00PM for a transfer to Dubrovnik’s ferry and cruise-ship port. Within Dubronik’s New Port (only 500 years old) you’ll be able to assemble and test your bikes before La Belle’s departure.

If you arrived prior to the 13th you’ll reach embark via a beautiful ride from our PreTour hotel. While we’re cycling, and making sure our bikes are adjusted for the following seven days with rides, our luggage will be shuttled to the ship and placed in our staterooms.

At 6:00PM we’ll cruise into the sunset. At tonight’s pre-dinner reception you’ll meet La Belle’s Captain and crew. While you sleep we’ll sail in a compass heading that seems wrong in that it won’t get us closer to Venice. Leaving Croatia behind we’ll enter the adjacent waters of Montenegro, a tiny Christian country that experienced ten centuries of independence prior to 1918, when the Great Powers stitched it into a quilt-like experiment called Yugoslavia. Independent again since 2006, Montenegro, unlike the other countries included in our itinerary, has opted against joining the ranks of the EU.

Day Two – If only a few Americans are aware of Montenegro, fewer still know of the Bay of Kotor. In addition to being Southern Europe’s only fjord, UNESCO ranked Bay of Kotor as one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the entire world (and the only European bay to make this vaunted list). At the head of the fjord is the Venetian outpost of Kotor. With its back against a solid rock cliff, “Old Kotor” is a medieval walled town where 4,000 residents still enter or leave via the four original gateways. Two narrow gates open to the right and left shores. A smaller third gate opens to a stone stairway that leads to high sentry posts. Until recently the fourth gate opened to the Venetian stone wharf. Because none of the original gates is as wide as a car, automobiles have never entered the old city. Instead, the narrow wharf was expanded through landfill to make room for today’s roadway that traces the fjord’s inner bay. Our tour’s first morning ride uses this sea-level 26-mile circuit through six villages. The first of many stops uses a ferry to cross the ocean inlet that’s too narrow for large cruise ships. At other stops you’ll enjoy a hosted treat and/or meet guides who will show you three mid-ride attractions. Perast is the richest town of the Italian Rennaisance. Our Lady of the Rocks is the island shrine dedicated to travelers. The remaining stop allows you to examine the bright mosaic floors of a recently unearthed Roman villa. Is 26-miles too easy? Energetic riders will get their warmup on the zigzag roadway linking Kotor with Montenegro’s interior. Leaving the shore they’ll climb through 25 numbered switchbacks to reach a panorama point where they’ll look across the fjord and down onto Kotor and our ship. After cycling, sightseeing, and catching a late lunch aboard, there’s time for a guided walking tour of Old Kotor. A pre-sunset cast-off allows photographers to capture the bay’s amazing beauty from the top deck. Beyond the outer lighthouse we’ll end this southerly detour day by turning north towards Venice.

Tonight, for a unique after-dinner treat, La Belle drops anchor off Dubrovnik’s Old Port. We’ll use Le Belle’s tenders to enter Dubrovnik through its torch-lit medieval sea gates, the same way Marco Polo arrived over 700 years earlier. After dark the heart of Old Dubrovnik (where Game of Thrones was filmed) has a distinctly magical quality, and dozens of friendly places to enjoy a drink or dessert. Last tender from the old sea gate departs at 11:30PM

Day Three – Day three starts in Trstenik with a choice of morning rides on the Peljesac Peninsula, home to some of Europe’s rarest and finest wines. The vines grown on the peninsula’s south-facing coastal slope receive a doubled dose of sunshine due to the mirror-smooth surface of the Aegean, the calmest branch of the Mediterranean Sea. The narrow lanes through these coastal vineyards, choked with field workers and tractors throughout the spring and summer, become beautifully vacant after September’s harvest.

Morning loops of 8 to 33 miles (with 300 to nearly 4000 feet of climbs) converge for pre-noon reception, tasting, tour and grape stomp just above Trstenik’s picture perfect port. When they learn you attended a private party at Mike Grgich’s Croatian vineyard your wine snob friends will struggle to suppress their envy. From our private party it’s less than a mile to the ship. During lunch we’ll cruise to Korcula, the tiny island town where Marco Polo was born. Following a choice of afternoon rides you’ll enjoy a guided walking tour of through this ancient village with narrow streets laid out in the pattern of a fish’s skeleton. After dinner we’ll walk to the community center to witness a special performance of the Moreska Saber Dance that has been performed in Korcula for 400 years. Our private show will be the local troupe’s last “home” appearance of the season. In the off-season they perform this elaborate dance elsewhere (places such as London, Moscow, Melbourne, New York, and Tokyo).

Day Four – The Adriatic’s glitziest hotspot is the Island of Hvar. After landing at the modern ferry port our choice of three routes (12–29 miles) converge to use the old road across the top of the island. From the top of Hvar (elev. 1,350′) the 360-degree view is breathtaking. Because 99% of the cars now use the island’s tunnel, this well-graded and newly repaved road through vineyards, lavender fields and stone villages may be your favorite ride of the entire week. If you beat La Belle to the island’s yacht port, you’ll have plenty of time to look for famous celebrities while inspecting some of the Venetian Republic’s finest architecture. During today’s onboard lunch we’ll cross to the island of Vis. While the history of most of this tour reaches back through the centuries, Vis was Tito’s headquarters for Yugoslavia’s resistance during German occupation. Tito’s survival was considered so vital to the Allied effort that British marines captured Vis and built an RAF airfield there before using a Royal Navy destroyer to shuttle Tito and his deputies to this carefully prepared safe haven. After the war, Tito continued to fortify this island. Our visit will allow you to see gun emplacements, underground escape routes and a submarine pen tunneled into a sea bluff. Our rides (11-22 miles) on this low-traffic island stop at a vineyard for a fresh-baked treat and glass of local wine.

Day Five – After successive days with vigorous rides, today is a touch easier. We’ll get an early start in Primosten (yet another medieval village), and ride a beautiful section of coast. After 21 easy miles (strong teams will want to add 14 miles and 1000 feet of climbs) you’ll reach Trogir (a UNESCO World Heritage Centre) before noon. While the ride could have continued twenty miles to Split, the routes into Croatia’s largest port proved hideous. With our better plan La Belle will leave Trogir by 2, and continue to Split while we enjoy a late lunch and shower. In Split we’ll enjoy professionally-guided tours through one of Europe’s ten most significant sights. In the year 365 the Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build a retirement home in a neighborhood more comfortable than Rome. Choosing Split for its climate and clean water, he erected a marble palace that would, for over a thousand years, be Europe’s largest. Stranger still, through the dark and middle ages the abandoned structure would be re-purposed and “lost” to western knowledge. Thus when Luis of France finally built a larger palace at Versailles, no one in his court knew of Diocletian’s Palace, which was still standing! It’s an amazing tour. Afterwards, Split’s waterfront Riva at sunset is perfect for people watching.

Day Six – This morning our ship docks near the edge of Krka National Park, famous for its travertine waterfalls. After using wooden walkways to explore the falls some riders will avoid climbs by following the coast. Others will loop inland for challenging ride though the National Park’s upper gorge. At Biograd, the coronation town of Croatia’s ancient kings, all routes use a ferry to reach the island of Pasman. At the end of that island we cross a graceful span to reach Ugljan. After 18 miles of idyllac island cycling a second ferry delivers us to La Belle’s tie up in Zadar, an opulent Venetian port where solid marble streets have withstood a thousand years of traffic. Although the rest of the Dalmatian coast was repopulated by Croats after Venice surrendered to Napoleon, Zadar and nearby islands remained part of Italy until 1947, when the final treaty of World War II awarded Zadar and the Istrian Peninsula to Tito’s Yugoslavia.

Day Seven & eight – Did someone say Istria? Did we save the best ’til last? Over the last 5-6 years Istria has become the #1 destination of Italian cyclists. And why not? “Stolen” from Italy in 1947, locked behind the iron curtain and then wracked by civil war until 2003, for the past dozen years Italians, and especially Italian cyclists, have fallen in love with Istria, a former portion of their country that hasn’t been spoiled by progress and tourism. The food, wine, churches, plazas, architecture and old signs are distinctly Italian. Cyclists from Italy, and everywhere else, arrive to discover a “lost Tuscany” (but with a quieter network of well-paved lanes than Tuscany could ever wish for). Years from now, when your American cycling friends brag about their upcoming trip to Europe’s newest cycling hotspot, you’ll be able to smile and say “Been there!”

If there is a more picturesque port to explore than Rovinj, a favorite of Rick Steves, we’ve yet to find it. Since La Belle will remain here until midnight, there’s time to savor it later. For our seventh day of cycling our morning ride heads inland to find Istria’s famous green gold. During our scouting we sought out the Istrian family that won the international gold medal for olive oil. Our easy morning spin takes us to the town with Meloto’s tasting room. When their sporting son, Matteo, learned of our desire to cycle from Rovinj to visit, he showed us a route that passes some of the family’s prized trees. When he learned of our mid-October arrival he made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. In 2017 Matteo will again tie off a trio of trees adjacent to our morning route. We’ll be able to hop off our bikes to have the fun of harvesting sun-ripened olives. When we reach his studio we’ll taste the last of the previous year’s harvest. Back at the ship you’ll retrieve your tiny souvenir bottle of Meloto’s finest. While many will want to race straight back to Rovinj, a better plan is a longer return that wanders through sleepy villages. A special option for the strongest riders is a loop to view a hilltop castle.

Day Eight – On our eighth and final day of cycling we’ll cross an international border to visit a third country formerly mired in Yugoslavia. Please don’t make the mistake of confusing Slovenia with Slovakia (a former part of Czechoslovakia). Of the various peoples smooshed into Yugoslavia the Slovenes are decidedly different and, well, somewhat Tyrolean. Residents of Slovenia are avid alpine skiers and prefer beer to wine. Because Slovenia’s snow-capped Julian Alps are too far inland for today’s ride, we’ll instead visit Perast, yet another favorite haunt of Rick Steves. After seven preceding days of cycling everyone should enjoy the climb into Istria’s famous oak-forested hills to discover Istria’s third epicurean treasure. In addition to wine and olive oil, Italians who visit Istria return home with gourmet truffles. A benefit of today’s choice of routes to our group lunch (the short climb isn’t particularly steep or long) is that it will spread us out. Near the Croatia / Slovenia border (and as close as we’ll get to Bavaria) lunch is at a family owned brew pub. Upstairs over the brew-room an expert chef will lovingly prepare individual portions of pasta with fresh olive oil and truffles. If there’s a line when you arrive, enjoy a brewery tour and fresh beer. Before you get back on your bike we’ve got another treat. In the adjacent woods an expert hunter and her trained dog will explain and demonstrate the somewhat secret art of truffle hunting. The after lunch ride to La Belle is delightfully downhill. Back aboard, it’s time for high-fives and bike packing.

Although Venice-to-Dubrovnik might sound like a better direction, a tour that starts in Dubrovnik and ends in Venice is a profoundly better experience. Why? Most visitors fail to comprehend Italy’s most remarkable place. They think of Venice as a romantically peculiar amusement park with sinking buildings, goofy rowers and floating busses. Few will appreciate how refugees of the Fall of Rome found protection in a swamp, and how their adaptation to this environment created the Venetian Republic, which was for nearly a thousand years the world’s most powerful empire. Venice was an Empire? Absolutely. An incredibly rich non-monarchic republic that was formed shortly after the Fall of Rome and would remain independent and unconquered until four years after the signing of the US Constitution. The architectural remnants of this mighty empire are this tour’s stepping stones. The places you’ll visit on the way to Venice will allow you to comprehend this small city’s oversized position in the history of Western Civilization.

Our arrival in Venice occurs at dawn. Grab a cup of coffee, lean over the top deck’s rail and marvel. Larger cruise ships are no longer allowed to dock in Venice, or even enter its lagoon. Megaships kept at bay, and ride at anchorage seven miles from St. Mark’s Square. The resulting tender ride to Venice takes an hour each way. Small to medium cruise ships continue to use Venice’s cruise terminal, which is located on the industrial tip of the island. What about La Belle? Our yacht-sized cruise ship is short enough to tie up in a prime position, within the pedestrian district a short stroll from St. Mark’s. As soon as we tie up a group of licensed guides will appear to provide informative 90-minute walking tours. The rest of the day is yours. If you care to return to the ship for dinner or lunch (or to drop off shopping treasures), it’s here for your convenience.

On our tour’s tenth morning (October 23, 2017) we’ll provide shuttles to the Venice’s VCE / Marco Polo International airport, which has a bike-capable checked luggage facility if you wish to visit other parts of Italy before flying home.

As I look back through this itinerary I wish I spent more time describing the amazing cycling. Will the rides be tough? No. After Jan and I spent weeks scouting and developing these rides, we tested them with two full boatloads of cyclists. Most were tandem riders, the type of cyclists famous to their aversion to hills. Each day’s easiest ride was not too tough. If any day’s activities leaves you fatigued, it’s too easy skip the next day of cycling. On mornings and/or afternoons of this tour casual riders can hop aboard Sergio’s picture-window touring coach. At those rare docks where Sergio’s bus can’t reach us, it’s because we’re at a place that’s best explored on foot. If you’re too tired to walk, the ship is a comfortable place to convalesce (it even has an elevator). Are you worried the rides will be too easy? Ha! Not one rider (out of nearly 400), conquered our full week of long options.

Will Santana repeat this tour in the future? Jan and I personally host Santana’s Adventures, and don’t want to visit the same places too often. If you can’t find a way to join us for the TERRY version 2017 (when we’ll only do this itinerary once), mark your calendar for October 2020!

What’s included? A 9-night / 10-day cruise in an outside stateroom with private bath and three full onboard meals per day (with beer or wine at dinner) is included with the basic per person double occupancy cruise rate that starts at $4795 (a price that’s $200 lower than three years earlier, when we only invited tandem riders and quickly filled a pair of back-to-back itineraries!). The cruise price includes all port fees, taxes and fuel surcharges. Santana’s subsidized package of off-ship extras adds $450 to cover an exhaustive list of activities (more than are shown in this itinerary), snacks, souvenirs, truffle-hunt lunch, performances, icebreaker photo book of your fellow participants, guides, tours, admissions and more. Santana also provides transfers between the ship and airports, any shuttles mentioned above, a pair of professional bike mechanics (one onboard and the other driving our tour’s SOS van) plus the ever-popular Sergio and his comfy motor coach. Electronic route files and detailed mapping for your compatible gps are also provided.

When you compare our cycling cruise with any other cycling tour of Croatia, you’ll see why our unique itinerary is apt to fill quickly—possibly in the next week. In this suddenly popular country (Backroads alone has 30 departures in 2017!) you’ll find prices that are 20% lower. The downside with the most popular hotel-based tours is that you’ll only get 6 days instead of 10. With these trips you’ll repack to move from hotel to hotel instead of unpacking once to enjoy a cruise-based vacation that’s 66% longer. Croatia’s best cycling? Sorry, other tours cycle the Dalmatian Coast or Istrian Peninsula—but never both. What’s more, they miss Venice, Bay of Kotor and three of the four countries included by Santana.

Do some staterooms cost more? Yes, but those at the standard price are fine (the modern and comfortable La Belle doesn’t have interior rooms, pull-out beds or bunks). If you want a slightly larger room with king-width bedding and an additional view window, the per person upcharge is an easily affordable $200.

Roomies? Our special-for-Terry booking portal will let individuals book a private or to-be-shared stateroom in any category. If you have a roomie in mind and they book in the next few days, you’re all set. If they fail to follow through you can cancel your booking within the 14 day no-risk period. If you’re a female who needs to share a room to make this event affordable, our daughter Pam will pair you with a female cyclist who has the same desire to travel

Because stateroom availability is limited, and will change on a daily basis, the best plan is to save your spot on a NO RISK basis. This provides guaranteed price and availability of the best remaining stateroom in each category. You’ll then have two full weeks to think it over. If you send a cancel notice by email within 14 days, the FUN of imagining your participation in this amazing adventure won’t have cost you a nickel.

First week bonus: those who place a NO-RISK reservation in the next few days will get a FREE additional day and night in romantic VENICE. With this LIMITED bonus your 10-night / 11-day itinerary includes airport shuttles on October 23.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the exact dates?
A: October 13-22, 2017. This 10-day/9-night cycling cruise spanning 4 European countries starts with 8 days of carefully selected rides along the Dalmatian Coast and Istrian Peninsula. A final pair of non-cycling days provides time to explore Venice. If you place a RISK-FREE booking during our introductory week we’ll confirm an additional day and night in Venice. With this limited offer your 11-day/10-night adventure will end on October 23.

Q: What’s the cost?
A: Q: What’s the cost? A: Due to the current strength of the dollar our per-person first-in pricing for this 10-day cycling cruise starts at $4799—which is $200 less than three years earlier when the Premiere Edition of this same itinerary sold out quickly. Staterooms with King bedding and a second view window start at only $200 more. Booking early is easy and RISK FREE. Our reservations page shows pricing of available staterooms.

Q: Is this a good deal?
A: It’s a great deal. Backroads, the worldwide leader in active travel, offers a 5-night Croatian cycling tour linking “casual” hotels. With each change of hotel their participants use up valuable vacation time packing their suitcases, riding in a van, and then checking into their next room. Although their cycling tour costs about 20% less, Santana’s 9-night cycling cruise is four days longer and hours-per-day more efficient. Our vacation provides over twice as much time for cycling and exploring. Their one-country itinerary includes the Dalmatian Coast. Our four country itinerary includes the Dalmatian Coast, Istrian Peninsula, Bay of Kotor and Venice. They operate their tour up to 30 times per year. Our more exclusive offering occurs once every three years.

Q: What about tipping?
A: Jan and I don’t accept tips. A comprehensive “cruise extras” fee of $450 per person includes a long list of off-ship activities and meals, including gps route files, admissions, park fees, guides, ride support, SOS van, and Sergio’s coach for non-riders. Note that this is less than the average cruise passenger pays for week of “deluxe excursions.” Shipboard gratuities of $25 per person per day includes wash and fold laundry and valet bike handling.

Q: What’s the next step?
A: To lock-in availability and the lowest pricing on a RISK-FREE basis, reserve your space through our PayPal portal. PayPal’s secure website is open 24 hours per day, accepts all major credit cards, and automatically adjusts for remaining stateroom availability. Reserving your spot is RISK-FREE and has many advantages. In each category the prime location staterooms will be assigned in the same order as the time stamp of your booking. Second, early-in pricing is limited to the first few rooms in each category. Most important, a near-immediate sell-out of this event is anticipated.

Q: What do you mean by RISK-FREE?
A: When you use your credit card and book through PayPal, we’ll give you 14 risk-free days to think it over and clear your schedule. If you change your mind, send an email to Matt@SantanaAdventures.com within two weeks to cancel the PayPal transaction and obtain a full refund.

Q: What if we change our minds after 14 days?
A: Because full-boat charters are binding, non-cancelable contracts, Jan and I will only enter into this charter based on your confirmed-through-PayPal commitment. In effect, we undertake a huge risk by guaranteeing full payment on your behalf. After entering into this obligation, we cannot afford for you to back out—for any reason. This is no different than the clear written policy that existed for all except one of Santana’s prior chartered-ship cruises (this Adriatic charter will be our 36th!). While preparing for our 2009 Danube event I neglected to include the following proviso. That’s the year a group of friends, after verbally agreeing to pay in full and then stringing Jan along for many months, decided to cancel their plans. Lesson learned! Here it is (again) in writing:

Santana’s acceptance of your registration and non-refundable deposit for this event is subsequent to your agreement to pay the remaining balance in full. While Santana allows limited refunds on rallies and tours, Santana’s cruises are non-cancelable and non-transferable. When the possibility of paying yet not attending is unacceptable, Jan and I recommend Travel Guard trip insurance. For the past 20 years hundreds of our clients have relied on Travel Guard coverage without complaint. An informative application will be mailed with your invoice; and further information is available online.

Q: Have you ever relaxed your refund policy?
A: Jan and I have willingly resold a number of fully prepaid staterooms for a fee of $500 per person—which was waived when a vacating couple found someone to take their place. When there has been more than one pending resell request, those who paid-in-full earliest had their space resold next. Using this non-guaranteed method (which is grossly inferior to trip insurance) Jan and I have cheerfully refunded over $250,000 in otherwise non-refundable and non-transferable cruise fares.

Q: Are all staterooms the same?
A: The efficently-scaled La Belle de L’Adriatique has 100 double occupancy staterooms in five categories. Launched in 2007, none of the rooms have bunks or a pull-out triple. All rooms in all categories feature exterior view and private bath. Instead of suites and/or balconies La Belle has large public areas and lots of deck space. Four of the five categories have full-width twins that convert to a king width double.

Q: How are staterooms assigned?
A: In any category all rooms are identical. Using the PayPal timestamp, those who reserve earliest get staterooms closest to the front of the ship, which Bill and Jan both prefer. If friends desire a pair of adjacent staterooms the timestamp of the first reservation determines the location of both rooms. In short, we will not take requests for specific room numbers. Those who book early obtain prime positioning.

Q: Are rental bikes available?
A: Yes. If you own a nice bike that fits, however, bringing it is probably cheaper and easier than you imagine—we’ll send full instructions. Santana rents great tandems. Croatia’s leading supplier of rental singles has attractive weekly rates, and will provide free delivery and pick up for our event.

Q: Singles / Triples ?
A: The efficently-scaled La Belle de L’Adriatique has no bunks, interior rooms, singles or triples. Instead of suites and/or balconies she has large public areas and lots of deck space.

Q: Are rental bikes available?
A: Yes. If you own a nice bike that fits, however, bringing it is probably cheaper and easier than you imagine—we’ll send full instructions. Santana rents great tandems. Croatia’s leading supplier of rental singles has attractive weekly rates, and will provide free delivery and pick up for our event.

Q: What is Sergio’s Coach?
A: Two years ago, while imagining a less-strenuous option for casual cyclists, Jan remembered an entertaining bus driver and asked me if someone like Sergio could show up at the gangplank each morning. It was a brilliant idea, and “Sergio’s Coach” has become a standard component of Santana’s newest itineraries. We originally imagined an accompanying picture-window touring coach would allow less-enthusiastic spouses to enjoy a non-pedaling day without missing the featured inland attraction. Instead, we’ve discovered the perfect shared vacation for serious cyclists with a non-cycling partner. On most days Sergio’s 40-seat coach is relatively empty. It takes a longer route, meets up with the cyclists at the day’s prime sight, and often finds time for shopping. Available for anyone who wants to skip a day of cycling, the reclining seats are comfortable option for cyclists who played too hard the previous day.

Q: How many miles each day?
A: In addition to our daily pair of zero-mile options (cruising on the ship or grabbing a seat on Sergio’s coach), every day has multiple cycling routes. Anyone who can ride 40 flat miles will be able to enjoy all eight days of cycling. If you prefer hills or want to ride up to 80 miles a day, we’ve got you covered. At each morning’s breakfast you’ll get a map charting the day’s cycling routes and recommended stops. During a brief route talk you’ll hear about each route’s grades and difficulty. Santana’s vets have learned to love and rely on their handlebar-mounted gps unit. Costing as little as $200, these touch-screen marvels prevent the age-old problem of getting lost or riding unplanned miles. Santana supplies free electronic mapping and route files. Simply select the route and follow the highlighted map.

Q: What’s the difference between a SAG-wagon and Santana’s SOS/treasure vans?
A: Most tour companies use SAG-wagons that haul luggage and “sweep” the route between overnight stops. The drivers refill water-bottles, fix flat tires, and retrieve riders who can’t cover the distance between widely spaced hotels. The problem, of course, is that the roving vans tend to be annoying until you actually need one. At that point you might wait two or more hours for one to show up. Although SAG drivers can fix a flat, they don’t have the tools or know-how to handle serious mechanical problems. Instead, they drive you to a bike shop (which explains why SAG-wagons disappear for hours at a time). This tour’s pair of SOS vans are driven by professional bike mechanics who bring tools and spares. When you phone them with the coordinates from your GPS, they arrive in a flash to get you back in the saddle. Because Santana expects participants to fill their own bottles, fix their own flats, and choose a ride they can finish, our SOS drivers are underworked, and have time to retrieve your shopping treasures.

Q: Does La Belle have free WiFi?
Will there be menu selections for vegetarians, vegans and picky eaters?
Does La Belle have elevators?

A: Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Q: What if we have more questions?
A: The easiest way to get any further info is by contacting Matt, who is happy to answer your questions.

Matt’s E-mail address Matt@SantanaAdventures.com
Toll Free number (800) 334-6136 ext. 111
Overseas callers +1 (909) 962-1102
If you get his voicemail, please leave your name and phone number. Matt will return calls ASAP.

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Santana’s acceptance of your registration and non-refundable deposit for this event is subsequent to your agreement to pay the remaining balance in full. While Santana allows limited refunds on Rallies and Tours, Santana’s Cruises are non-cancelable, non-transferable, and non-refundable. When the possibility of paying yet not attending is unacceptable, Jan and I recommend Travel Guard Trip Insurance. For the past 20 years hundreds of our clients have relied on Travel Guard coverage without a single complaint. An informative application is available upon request; and further information is available online.