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Cycling Cruises

Why opting for a cruise is a smart choice

A Santana Adventures bike cruise uses a chartered ship to provide better cycling through multiple regions with luxurious flexibility. On any day you can ride long, short, or not at all.

If you opt not to ride you can stay aboard for the scenic morning cruise or join Sergio for a guided tour by bus. Either way the ship spends late afternoons docked at a fascinating port before traveling up to 150 miles overnight to reach our following day’s adventure.

Imagine the convenience, security, and comfort of returning to the same 5-star resort after each day’s ride, and the excitement of exploring an entirely new region the following day.

Corsica & the French Riviera 2024
Dubrovnik & Venice 2024
Mekong River 2025 #1
Mekong River 2025 #2
Mekong River 2025 #3
Bordeaux to Amsterdam 2025
Norway 2025
Baltic Sea 2025
Seine River 2025
Rhine & Moselle Rivers 2025
Columbia & Snake Rivers 2025
Florence to Barcelona 2025
Barcelona to Lisbon 2025
Greek Isles 2025 #1
Greek Isles 2025 #2
** Unless specifically labeled as a tandem event, all cyclists are welcome. **