Welcome Aboard!

Thank you for choosing Santana Adventures! We appreciate you selecting our company for your next cycling vacation, and would like to help make your vacation with us as pleasurable as possible.

Learn Now – Enjoy Later

Here are a few items that will improve your vacation

Email Updates

We’ll send you an Info Card after you sign up. Make sure we have your and your travel partner’s email addresses so that we can send you all the updates.

Mileage Options

Each day has a choice of routes: Short, Medium, or Long. Each morning you’ll be welcome to select whichever route suits your desires. On Santana’s cruises, there’s no reason to be the fastest, the slowest, or having to ride alone. Our participants are pretty evenly dispersed across the Short, Medium, & Long routes.

  • Short Routes: typically 30-35 miles, typically quite flat, no long climbs or steep hills
  • Medium Routes: typically 40-50 miles, typically rolling, with the possibility of a steep hill
  • Long Routes: typically 55+ miles, with multiple summits, always includes the most content & best views
  • Challenge Routes: typically an add on to the Long Route, will have a climb that will be difficult yet rewarding
  • Non-Ride Day: on most events (the FAQ section on your event will confirm this), we have a panoramic-windowed coach bus that will enjoy a scenic day that includes many of the same sights and cycling as the cyclists on our routes

Cancellation Policy

Here’s a copy of our full Cancellation & Re-Sale Policy

Travel Insurance

Santana’s acceptance of your registration and non-refundable deposit for this event is subsequent to your agreement to pay the remaining balance in full. Santana’s cruises are non-cancelable, non-refundable, and non-transferable. When the possibility of paying yet not attending is unacceptable, Jan and I recommend Travel Guard trip insurance. For the past 20 years, hundreds of our clients have relied on Travel Guard coverage without complaint. Here’s an informative brochure about the travel insurance coverage we recommend – Travel Insurance Flyer

GPS Units

We use Garmin GPS Units to make your cycling experience the very best. No more fumbling with route sheets or trying to figure out what turn you missed, a quick glance at your GPS unit and you know exactly where you are.

“Why can’t I use my phone it can…” DO NOT use your Smartphone! Smartphones are amazing devices and while there are phone apps that will interpret Santana’s routes faithfully, a problem arises when routes need to be revised during a tour. Because there is often limited internet access on most tours, smartphones are precluded from getting ride updates in a timely fashion. Those that have followed this path against our advice have without exception been disappointed. Additionally, most phones that support GPS aren’t as durable or waterproof as a dedicated GPS. People who try to use their iPhone, for instance, will trash their $600+ investment when they need to navigate their way through an unexpected rainstorm or a phone mount comes loose. Lastly, when used as a GPS, a smartphone’s battery can be drained in a couple of hours.

Info on Flights, PreTours, & PostTours

  • Information on flights is typically sent out 11 months prior to the cruise (when airline tickets go on sale), and will include important dates on our PreTour & PostTour options
  • Reservations for the PreTours & PostTours start about 5 months prior to the cruise, we’ll send out an email announcement.

Packing List

An updated version of this list will arrive in the final 45 days prior to your event, for now here’s a standard list to get you started.


  • Helmets
  • Water Bottles
  • Bike Locks (cable not U)
  • Bike Gloves
  • Bike Shoes, preferably ones that are walkable, like SPD mountain bike shoes
  • Pedals, even if you’re renting, you’ll want pedals that match your cleats
  • GPS Unit (please see our list of Supported GPS Units)
  • Smart Phone – check with your carrier for available travel plans, you will want one working phone per bike in case you need to summon an SOS van
  • Sunglasses – ones designed for cycling will be more comfortable for all day cycling

Bike Clothing

In the last 45 days we’ll give you an updated packing list suitable for the particular cruise region and month, but here is a list of the usual suspects.

  • 3 Pairs of bike shorts, invest in good quality, you’ll thank us later
  • 3 Jerseys
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • Layers and a windbreaker is the key to all day comfort

Other Clothing

  • No need for formal wear at dinner, we go for a “country club casual”… your wife will appreciate it if you wear something better than a t-shirt to dinner.

Bringing your bike?

  • Bring 2 spare tubes, a spare tire for any bike with wheels smaller than 26 inch, enough allen wrenches to assemble and adjust your bike, you won’t need to bring your own floor pump or pedal wrench.
  • CO2 Cartridges cannot be brought on an airplane, and will cause you to have problems with TSA. Our mechanics will have them for sale, and will buy back unused cartridges for 1/2 price.

Valet Bike Assembly/Disassembly

At the start and end of our cruises, our mechanics will offer Valet Bike Assembly & Disassembly. This is a service they provide directly to you, and is on a first-come first-served basis. About 14 days prior to the event, we’ll send you an event update that will have their contact information and updated pricing.

Assembly: $100 for a Tandem, $70 for a Single Bike
Disassembly/Packing: We only offer Valet Packing for Santana Safecases at $50 per tandem. With any other box we’re happy to assist/give pointers. If you have another type of case or box, and had a bike shop pack your bike, please take photos of the process so that we can try to help you.
These prices are an average estimate, and are subject to change, at any time, without notice.


Santana doesn’t accept tips. However, shipboard gratuities for the ship’s staff are mandatory. The amount varies for each event (and can be found on the individual web pages), and the amounts will also be listed on your invoice (but are not collected until during the event).

Rental Bikes

We encourage participants to bring their own bike(s)…

  • It’s less expensive to bring your own bike
  • It’s easier than you may think (click here for info on flying with your bike)
  • For a week of cycling, it’s far more comfortable to ride a bike that has been perfectly fitted and tuned to you

For the participants who would still prefer to rent, here’s the info:

Rental Tandems

  • We have a small fleet of Santana Titanium Road Tandems with electronic shifting. Rental freight/shipping price includes assembly/disassembly by our mechanics. Base rental price can be applied towards the subsequent purchase of a new Santana Tandem.
  • For pricing go to – SantanaAdventures.com/rentals/
  • For sizing go to – SantanaTandem.com/your-size/
  • For availability & reservations, please call/email Jan – Jan@SantanaTandem.com    (800)334-6136 ext.116

Rental Single Bikes

  • Patience, the info will arrive in the final 2 months before departure, no need to reserve prior to the “Rental Bikes Info”
  • Rental Options include:
    • Lightweight Road Bike with drop handlebars (estimate about $450 for the rental)
    • Hybrid Bike with upright handlebars (estimate about $400 for the rental)
    • Hybrid E-Bike (estimate about $600 for the rental)
  • Bring water bottles
  • At a minimum bring your own helmet & water bottles
  • For a more enjoyable rental experience, bring your own pedals, shoes, & saddles.

Cruise Invoice Payments

Our deposits are accepted online via a PayPal reservations system which accepts major credit/debit cards. The remainder of your invoice balance will be split into two payments payable by check only. For example: If you want to reserve a space on an event 20 months from now, your deposit is due with your reservation, your first payment will be due in 4 to 5 months, and your full balance will be due in about 8 months. Exact payment dates vary by event, based on when you sign up, and will be posted on your invoice.