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Event Apps

These 2 FREE Smartphone Apps are essential to ensuring you have the best cycling cruise possible.
Please download these 2 apps before you leave home for your cruise, and create a login so that we can provide further details for you during the cruise. If you wait to download them once you’re on the cruise, you’ll either be using a prohibitively slow wi-fi connection or using up your valuable data.
Open the following links on your smart phone (Apple or Android) to be taken directly to their download pages.

Ride with GPS

Your smartphone can now be used as a backup to your Garmin for Santana’s route navigation. This app allows you to download our routes onto your smartphone. RideWithGPS does require you to create a login, you only need the FREE Subscription.


SOS communication and group updates. Allows you to contact hosts or SOS vans. Allows us to broadcast alerts to participants (like a change of a dock or lunch location). Important: We realize everyone has their favorite chat/texting app, but this is the one our entire team will use and monitor during our cruises.

Garmin Connect

If you plan on using a Garmin unit that does not have a Micro-SD Card Slot, please download the following 2 FREE Apps & the Ride With GPS Plugin.

Step 1

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect enables you to wirelessly sync the RideWithGPS routes onto your Garmin device. (You need BOTH apps to make this work) You’ll want to make sure your Garmin and your phone are synced/paired before leaving for your cruise.

Step 2

Garmin IQ

On the Garmin IQ App, you’ll download the free RideWithGPS Plugin that will enable you to bridge together the routes you’ve downloaded from RideWithGPS to your Garmin Connect App.

Step 3

RWGPS Plugin

Having trouble locating the correct Ride With GPS Plugin in the Garmin IQ App? Click the button below to be taken to the download page in the Garmin IQ app.