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Pay Your Invoice Online


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We Accept: Visa, Mastercard American Express, & Discover

Do you have your invoice?

Locating Your Invoice

To locate your digital invoice:
  1. Open your email inbox for the email address you used to place your original reservation.
  2. Search for the address:
  3. You should find an email with the subject line: “Invoice [xxxxx] from Santana Adventures”
    • [xxxxx] will be your invoice number
  4. Scroll to the bottom of this email, you’ll have a PDF of your invoice, open it, and save it to your computer.
  5. You’re now ready to move on to paying your invoice.

If you still cannot locate your invoice, please send an email to to ask for another emailed copy, include: your name, your travel partner’s name, and which cruise invoice you are looking for.

Making Your Invoice Payment Online

Step 1: Locate your “Invoice Number” and “Balance Due”

Your “Balance Due” will be referred to as your “Full Invoice Amount” on the payment portal.

Step 2: Use this link to open the payment portal
If you have not used our payment portal before, please read through the rest of the instructions below prior to clicking the “Payment Portal” link. It’s more complicated than you might think, please save yourself the stress and read the instructions.
Payment Portal
If you have any trouble making your payment; please continue on to Step 3 (below).
Step 3: Enter your “Invoice Number” and “Full Invoice Amount”

You may have to click on the placeholder “1234” to enter your invoice number (some participants have noted it wouldn’t work if they just started typing).

For your “Full Invoice Amount” enter what your full invoice balance is with both decimal places like we have in this example. This field requires you to enter your invoice balance as shown on your CURRENT invoice, you can change the amount to a partial payment on the following screen. Don’t add in a $ symbol. All invoice amounts are in USD.

Click “Pay”
Step 4: Enter your Billing Information
Fill in the amount you want to pay right now
Fill in all of your billing information
Step 5: Double-Check all of your information is correct!
Step 6: Hit “Next”
Step 7: Verify your payment information, then click “Process Payment”
You will receive a message telling you that your payment has been processed.
Congratulations, you have submitted your payment!
Having Trouble?

Here are a few tips for success with online payments:

  • Browser Compatibility
    • Nearly all browsers are compatible, we test: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer
  • Browser Settings
    • Please Double Check that:
      • Pop-Ups are enabled for our website
      • Cookies are enabled for our website
      • Cross-site tracking is enabled